Our third-party manufacturing I+D team offers several options: Based on the formulation that exists in the market, or that which we can mark, we offer a wide range of products for a minimum investment. Possibility of the client to provide us with raw material, such as packaging, labels, boxes, exhibitors, brochures, leaflets, etc.


In this case we manufacture, package, label and guarantee the placing on the market.


Another option more COMFORTABLE, EASY, EFFECTIVE and SAFE for our client. We link your investment so that your IDEA reaches the market.


WE OFFER, through other business collaborations:

CORPORATE IMAGE (Designers specialized in cosmetics: brochures, posters, web pages, etc.)

PACKAGING (Latest novelties in cosmetic packaging by Italian designers: Bottles, Airless, Jars, Blisters, Lip Sticks, Vials, etc.)

PACKAGING AND CONDITIONING MATERIAL: We have the best presses dedicated to cosmetic packaging, they offer QUALITY and DESIGN.


ADVICE: We are in daily contact with our customers, offering them our know-how, so that your product can be positioned in the market, without any problem. In this case PROJECT IN HAND and FINISHED.