A family business, created in 1996 with a background in the world of important cosmetic manufacturing. In the  Valencia factory division, in our facilities, we offer our customers the possibility of being in the market, competing with the best brands.


 With quality, safety and  its guaranteed by specialized laboratories in all types of formats and cosmetic forms. Although we are specialists in formulations' designs for facial and body products with natural assets. We also have the possibility of offering ecological cosmetics.


                                                        Philosophy, development and real objectives

We have an exceptional human team, chemists, pharmacists, responsible for purchases, sales and management. Specialized and qualified to develop cosmetic lines proposed by our I + D department, as well as by our own clients.

We offer product lines manufactured with high QUALITY raw materials, which ensure the proper functioning and effectiveness of the cosmetic in the market.

From the reception of the raw materials to their total transformation, they go through rigorous studies carried out by our technical team. To GUARANTEE THE GOOD WAYS OF MANUFACTURING, we focus always on ensuring that the production chain is not broken. Professionals at your fingertips who help make your dreams come true, with a small investment, can provide something that over the years we need to improve: HEALTH, BEAUTY and WELL-BEING.